Scentsy is launching in Canada on September 1st! Be one of the first to join this amazing, fast growing, authentic candle company! You are able to enroll if you live in Vancouver B.C., Ontario and Alberta, Canada.

Why Scentsy?

Scentsy just make “scents”! We’re a wickless candle company that offers an opportunity for growth, team building, awesome authentic products, and free trips as well as something we all want, unlimited income potential!

The start up fee is minimal, and you get all you need to get started with your own Scentsy business. We provide you with training tools, and all the support you need.

Why Join my team?

I have been with Scentsy for almost 3 years. Since I have joined I have been in top sales, recruits and have earned every trip incentive Scentsy has given. I love helping others reach their goals. I have my team members first in mind. I want everyone to feel like Scentsy can and will change their lives, just like it has mine.

I would love to send you more information or even better talk to you!

Call me at 512-826-5352, or you may also reach me by email

Hope to hear from you soon!

Visit my Scentsy website, for more information as well, click on the Start a Business Link to see the starter kit!

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